Samsung JS7000 and JU7500 Review and Common Q&A

Samsung JS7000 and JU7500 Review and Common Q&A

Samsung JS7000


Q1: How is this JU7500 model different from the Samsung JS7000?

A: First, the size differences between the models are noteworthy. The JU7500 comes in sizes from 40” to 78”, with a price range from $900 to $5,000 on the Samsung website (after discounts). The JS7000 ranges in size from only 50” to 60”, with a price range of $800 to $1,300.

Clearly, price will be a factor depending on the size you want. Let us just say you want to compare the JU7500 55” screen and the JS7000 60” screen. Both are $1,300 on Samsung’s website, so the JS7000 gives you a bigger size for the same price.

3D: The Samsung JS7000 does not have 3D capabilities, also giving the JS7000 another edge, as it is 3D and includes 3D Active Glasses and One Connect mini with the purchase of the TV.

The JS7000 uses Nano-technology for its picture quality, but uses Motion Rate 120. The JU7500 does not use Nano tech, but it does use a superior Motion Rate 240 for a nice picture during action sequences.

While both TV models have UHD 4K resolution, spectacular picture, and both feature a very nice curved screen, there are the differences above that really make the Samsung JS7000 the better purchase overall.

Q2: What is Nano-crystal technology and what does it mean in 4K televisions?

A: Nano-crystal technology is a fairly new TV technology that uses small crystals (hence, the “nano”) from 5 to 20 nanometers in size, as a color and light source. What this means in 4K televisions is that the Nano-crystals are spread across a thin film on the LCD panel (used for display). When commanded according to the TV content, the crystals emit light in a variety of colors depending on the size of the crystal, which varies across the surface of the LCD. The result is an LCD 4K television that is much brighter, features additional enhanced colors over a standard LED TV, and gives the TV a better overall picture quality.

Q3: Can I use this TV to make conference/video calls?

A: The smart interaction of the Samsung JU7500 includes Motion Control with an Optional Camera Accessory. So, yes, you can make Skype calls from your TV and actually control the volume, content being browsed, and playback with HAND MOTION control by adding Samsung’s VG-STC5000/ZA (which is a camera accessory). If you plan on making video calls via Skype or using the browser to use conference videos such as GoToMeeting, this model from Samsung allows this technology.

Take note that because Skype will not offer 4K quality streaming to your TV, that your TV will not display the Skype call in Ultra High Definition.

Samsung JU7500


Q1: What are the mirroring capabilities of this Samsung?

A: The Samsung JU7500 can easily mirror your iPhone or smartphone via Samsung Smart TV. However, you will need to download an application to be able to mirror. The app is called Samsung Smart View.

It is important to note that there were initial problems with enabling both the Wi-Fi and the Smart TV. Samsung finally came out with an update that now enables both smart features and Wi-Fi, but to complete the update, you need to do it with the Ethernet plugged in or to download a 2GB file to a USB. You will have to probably buy cables long enough or a USB, to do the update. However, after the update, users said that the TV immediately worked correctly.

The mirroring capabilities may have been stalled a bit due to Samsung’s oversight, but if you follow the directions when you purchase a JU7500, just follow the instructions that come with the TV to fix it (it comes included). On a side note, this update will also allow the Netflix app to show up, where it did not before.

The resolution during mirroring is actually really impressive. While it will obviously upscale your iPhone’s content into 4K on the display, it will scale it to its most attractive view and allow you to mirror quite nicely.

Q2: What can I do as far as web browsing on the JU7500?

A: The Samsung JU7500 supports a full web browser. You can browse the web from your 4K TV and do anything from online shopping, to using the Smart TV applications, such as social media apps, news apps, Skype, video streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

You can also browse the web by connecting your mobile device via mirroring, and use your mobile device to type in the content that will be viewed on the 4K screen. So, you have a couple of options on web browsing abilities and application usage. The web browsing on this model is better than most—many brands and models have had issues with functional web browsing and compatibility issues, but the JU7500 seems excellent in this regard.

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Workings of electric guitars

Guitars comes in two kinds:acoustic and electric.Acoustic guitars have their own specific use but electric guitars are open to wide range of purposes.Both the instruments have same frontend but with different backings.That’s why they still cost almost same having their own uniqueness.Lets’ go in depth of electric guitars.




Body: The main structure providing a connecting base to the bridge and neck.

Vibrato arm:This is a  small slim rod connected to the bridge which changes the tension of strings by moving the bridge front and back. This is also known as  whammy bar, tremolo bar,vibrato bar.

Bridge: This is the metal plate which attaches the strings all together to the body part.

Frets: The thin metal bars behind the strings which run perpendicular to that of strings as they shorten the vibrations of a string,making it produce more and more different length of pitches.

Tuning machines:These are key like structures that can raise or lower the tension of strings by drawing  to different pitches according to the player’s activity. These strings are attached tightly round the posts to the headstock.

Pots:Knobs are rotating keys that controls  the loudness of  the produced sound and its treble and bass frequencies.


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Different music jobs which most people don’t know about

In the current recession hit economy most people think that music industry has shrunken and has little to none opportunity for young passionate starters.While this may be partially true but not in whole.The fact is that a very small percentage of musicians will reach the top charts.Even though there are thousands of jobs available in different category.Some are for teachers,some for performers,some for staff and managers,producers and so on.Each of this field requires men and they can’t run without them.Let’s have a look at some current openings in the music industry.





As we all know song writers writes songs for singers.But there are variables in them.

Staff song writers works for a media or recording company and writes the songs specifically for a singer signed be the recording label.

There are freelance song writers who writes song at his own schedule.But it’s hard for them to get their words out to the ears they want.

A  lyricist  just writes the words for a song.He is assisted by a composer or another song writer from the company or individual he is working for.

Jingle writers are those who writes mind catching ads for the tc shows and advertisements which stays in our mind for some time.



A music publisher finds and copyrights a song in his own rights than publishes them through record companies.

A  copyright administrator($20-$60K yearly) manages the licensing of music companies for recording companies.

Music editors works closely with musicians and singers to make the songs more appealing to audience through edits.


Record companies:


A&R Coordinators (artist and repertoir) finds the talents for a record company to sign up and begin with.It’s like a research and development work so to say.

There are public relations jobs as well starting from assistant publicist  all the way to director of public relations.Public relations department is responsible to get the word of their signed singer to the audience and make them look good.Pay rate ranges from internship to three figures for experienced individuals.

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